Sustainable Tourism Network (STN), Nepal

5 08 2011

Sustainable Tourism Network (STN), Nepal


The Sustainable Tourism Network (STN) is an informal network of individuals and organizations that have keen interest in promoting sustainable tourism practices in Nepal.

With the recognition of the need to create a forum or platform where institutions and professionals working in tourism to share lesson learned, increased corporation and partnership between projects, decreased duplication of work and encouragement of best practices in sustainable tourism, the Sustainable Tourism Network was formed. With the establishment of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) in 1999, STN started as a network of GOs, I/NGOs, tourism operators, tourism professionals and individuals. Since then STN is within the framework of NTB. NTB has been providing support to STN’s action and also administrative support and coordination.

Driven by the vision of Nepal as a wholesome sustainable tourism destination, STN aims to promote and facilitate sustainable and equitable tourism in Nepal by bringing together concerned stakeholders from the public, private and I/NGO sectors who are involved in – or have an influence on – the tourism industry. This will be achieved primarily through knowledge sharing, skills transfer, compilation and distribution of best practices models, and through marketing support for sustainable tourism products.

The Sustainable Tourism Network aims to:

· Share lessons learned
· Increase cooperation and partnership
· Create awareness
· Contribute to understanding
· Encourage best practice

To achieve these aims the STN

· Provides a forum for discussion and sharing of experiences and innovations.
· Facilitates information exchange and networking.
· Facilitates training in cooperation with Nepal Tourism Board.
· Organises events in cooperation with Nepal Tourism Board.
· Contributes to the Resource Centre at Nepal Tourism Board.
· Is based at Nepal Tourism Board.
· Has a strong presence on the Internet.
· Contributes to publications
· Encourages the involvement of all the stakeholders.

Sustainable Tourism as written by ICIMOD

If tourism contributes to the maintenance and improvement of biological resources and their diversity;
If it ensures the preservation of culture and values of people and strengthens community identity;
If a process is set in motion in which the benefits of tourism are broadly shared and a wider participation in decision-making related to development and the management of natural resources is promoted;
If economically efficient, positive backward and forward linkages among economic activities are increased to relieve the pressure on fragile resources and contribute to improvements in the quality of life of the population;
and if resources are managed in ways, which not only support present needs but also supports the needs and aspirations of future generations;
Then the presumption is that tourism is sustainable.”